Inner Key specialises in Coaching and Mental Training for Business and Sports.

The aim is to enhance the performance capability and wellbeing of individuals and teams

– hand in hand.

The mission of Inner Key is to support anyone with motivation to connect to and grow their inner resources in order to climb up towards their respective “mountain top” with courage and curiosity. The mission is based on the belief that only by knowing ourselves and authentically respecting our own values and real needs we are equipped to flourish – and at the same time able to create value for others in the best way possible.

We can pursue our own mountain top – our most important dreams and goals – in any role: as a leader, specialist, athlete, artist, entrepreneur, or team.

Inner Key’s services include:


1. Coaching motivated individuals, small groups and teams in organizations with the following challenges and needs:

  • Growing and excelling as a leader or another role at work
  • Developing talent or taking on a new role at work
  • Growing as an entrepreneur
  • Growing your personal brand
  • Overcoming personal challenges, such as public speaking
  • Handling challenging situations or projects at work, e.g. leading change, layoffs, implementing strategy
  • Returning to work after a longer period of absence
  • Enhancing wellbeing
  • Befriending stress
  • Developing new habits
  • Team excellence

2. Development programs:

  • Coaching-based leadership
    • Growing as a coaching leader
    • Leading teams and project teams using coaching skills
    • Intelligent communication skills in work settings (for teams, sales teams, customer service etc.)
    • Understanding and leading different personalities
  • Self-leadership
    • Mental training skills from sports
    • Growing in self-knowledge and self-awareness
    • Performance excellence
    • Wellness and befriending stress
    • Developing new habits


  • Mentorcoaching for coaches who wish to earn or renew their ICF-certificates or just grow as coaches
  • Mentorcoaching for internal coaches in organizations


Mental Training for athletes and sports coaches who wish to take their knowledge and skills to the next level.

Themes include:

  • Learning to harness core mental skills, such as inner dialogue and imagery
  • Developing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Flexible concentration skills
  • Goal-setting as a compass and everyday-tool
  • Performance-enhancing attitudes
  • Understanding motivation
  • Optimal tension and stress
  • Game and training preparation and learning
  • Life and energy balance for the 24/7 athlete
  • Sports coaches additionally: Team coaching skills, understanding different personalities and flexibility in communication, using “coaching skills” (= asking instead of giving ready answers, authentic connecting, mastery in listening, developing trust) in sports coaching, self-awareness and modern leadership skills